Bid Results

Bid Results

Board approved bid results are available in BoardDocs

April 2023

Video of 4-11-2023 Liquid Propane Gas and Maintenance Bid Opening

March 2023

Video of 3-7-2023 Tax Bill Printing and Mailing Bid

January 2023

Video of 1-9-2023 Two way radio bid
Video of 1-12-2023 Elevator repair bid opening 

November 2022

Video of 09-07-2022 School Nutrition Services Cargo Van Bid Opening
Video of 09-29-2022 Transportation Vehicles Bid 2022-23 Opening

October 2022

Video of 10-10-22 Viewsonic View Boards Interactive Display Equipment Bid


August 2022

Video of 08-01-2022 Chromebook and Desktop Bid Opening
Video of 08-11-2022 Health Care Center General Construction Contractor and Electrical Contractor Bid Opening

June 2022 

Video of 06-09-2022 Elementary Chiller and Exhaust Fan Installation

May 2022 

Video of 5-17-22 Roof Project

Video of 5-24-22 Elementary Dehumidification Project
Video of 6-8-2022 Elementary Dehumidification Bid Coin Toss

Video of 5-31-21 Musical Instrument Bid Opening
Video of 5-31-21 Water Filling Station Bid Opening


March 2022

Video of 03-17-22 Walk-in Freezer


February 2022

Video of 02-07-22 RE Tax Bill Printing and Mailing
Video of 02-07-22 Planetarium Software and Hardware


January 2022

Video of 01-27-22 Traffic Engineering Survey NPHS


October 2021

Video of 10-11-21 SNS Cargo Van Bid Opening


July 2021

Video of 07-06-21 Asphalt, Concrete, and Tree Removal Bid Opening

Video of 07-06-21 Musical Instrument Bid Opening

Video of 07-06-21 Laptop Bid Opening


June 2021

Video of 06-08-21 Crawford Stadium Fiber and Sound System Bid Openings
Video of 06-08-21 Transportation GPS and Parent Application Bid Opening
Video of 06-09-21 Fire Alarm Bid Opening
Video of 06-14-21 Sale of Obsolete Technology Bid Opening


May 2021

Video of 05-04-21 Property Tax Bill Printing and Mailing Bid Opening
Video of 05-13-21 Domestic Water Heater Replacement Bid Opening
Video of 05-13-21 Fire Alarm System Replacement Bid Opening
Video of 05-25-21 2021-22 Musical Instrument Bid Opening

July 2020

Video of 7-20-20 20-21 Musical Instrument Bid Opening

June 2020

Video of 06-08-20 Obsolete Technology Bid Opening

April 2020

Video of 04-09-20 Technology (Server Hardware and Obsolete Technology) Bid Opening
Video of 04-14-20 Knapp Elementary School Renovation Bid Opening